Cottage@Village Resort is your new destination for #Workation

A pandemic world forced millions of people to move to a new way of working called ‘work from home’. At first, it was an enjoyable change from the normal office lifestyle. However, as time progressed, such a lifestyle became dull and tedious, hampering the productivity of work. People are forced to live an increasingly disorganized and restless lifestyle because of the global pandemic; a culture that once looked terrific was soon becoming overwhelmingly monotonous. Hence, there was a need to bring in the concept of Workation offering an option to work in another immersive, relaxed environment in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

In line with the latest trend of Workation, Cottage@Village Resort offers specially curated ‘Work from Cottage@Village’ packages. Cottage@Village Resort packages are designed to offer short or long stays in a calm environment situated in the lap of nature. We provide excellent internet connectivity and high-standard hygiene, which contributes to a great experience.

These packages focus on enabling visitors to feel away from the pace of their daily lives and enjoy refreshing scenery for a getaway with their families. Keeping the family away from home will be a great break and a perfect balance of work and vacation.

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Work from Mountains – Select Your Workstation at Cottages@village Long Stay Packages

Whether you’re a globe-trotting executive or aspiring entrepreneur, working from a mountain sounds great. it’s not impossible. Really, it’s not! Technology is making it easy to work remotely in a beautiful location.

The Cottage@village Resort is a beautiful homely resort that is nestled in the mountains. It’s surrounded by beautiful nature, with fresh air, plenty of greenery, and a gorgeous garden area with views of the mountains.

Cottage@village Resort offers modern amenities and comfortable accommodations. The resort makes sure that you have good connectivity so you can stay in touch with your clients and finish your work. Working outdoors in the garden or enjoying the view from your rooms is your choice.

Cottages@village Resort will offer you the perfect workstation — rent accommodation for a week, a month, or more, and set up your office as desired. The location makes Cottages@village Resort ideal for big families or friends wanting to isolate themselves together. 

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Work from Mountains and Stay with Nature

Work from home is the next safety trend this Summer. Enjoy the most beautiful scenery of nature at Cottages@Village Resort, Naukuchiatal, Nainital, surrounded by clear skies, peaceful views, fresh air, and picturesque forests. You can relax and work from the mountains while experiencing a long, much-needed vacation.

Cottages@Village Resort offers a tranquil atmosphere for a working vacation, making it a perfect setting to relax. With a multi-cuisine restaurant, fast WIFI, modern, comfortable rooms, and a relaxing view, you can enjoy holidays with your family and still keep up with a powerful work schedule.

Do not forget the chirping birds, the greenery, and the fresh air – it is a tempting deal.

Great discount rates and well-spaced work zones will make your mountain vacation something memorable, so book your stay today at Cottages@Village resort!

Adhering to all Safety Measures and Necessary Precautions, we are Open with sanitized and hygienic Accommodations.


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Enjoy Nature with Cottages@Village Resort, Naukuchiatal

Enjoy a much-deserved getaway surrounded by the fresh air and tranquil setting of the Cottages@Village Resort.

Located in the Naukuchiatal – a popular lake town is a small hill station in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, this small & intimate resort offers basic but excellent facilities to the nature lover.

All rooms are spacious with a clean bathroom and a balcony. Each one is furnished with a large double and sofa-cum-beds and offers a comfortable stay at Cottages@Village Resort.

With refreshing on-site facilities and spacious rooms, we ensure that you stay comfortably in the lap of nature at the beautiful Cottage@Village Resort, Naukuchiatal.

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Looking for your dream destination wedding location?

Planning a destination wedding? If misty mountains, lush greenery, blue sky, and fresh mountain breeze, what you are looking for, then call Cottage@Village Resort, the Destination Wedding Experts. We will work alongside you to ensure the marriage of your dreams comes true.

The planning will be simple, quick, and enjoyable for you. We help to create your wedding flawless, beautiful, and more amazing than you imagined it to be. We work to ensure that your wedding dreams are fulfilled within your budget, style, and time frame.

Let Us Help You Create Everlasting Memories.

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Welcome to the Cottage@Village Resort “A little piece of nature”

Wake up with the fragrant aroma and fresh air of our garden. This is the place to get back into nature away from chaotic city life. A place that offers guests privacy, the Cottage@Village Resort guarantees a comfortable stay for your holiday that makes you feel connected to nature, accompanied by greenery and blooming flowers.

You can enjoy a variety of plants and flowers kept in the resort area. Our delightful floral landscapes will make your stay in Cottages@Village Resort a comfortable one.

Our flower-filled gardens and the surrounding serene environment provide a quiet, relaxing retreat.

Let us help you put your lodging worries behind you so that you can concentrate on the important aspects of your vacation………Relaxing !!! at the Cottage@Village Resort.

Whether you are planning a family vacation or your own please feel free to contact us at 8755506767 with any help you might need. Or simply visit our website.



If you are a Nature Lover and Food Explorer then Come to the Cottage@Village Resort to taste Authentic Kumaoni Cuisine

If you are a nature lover and food explorer then Come to the Cottage @ Village Resort to taste Authentic Kumaoni Cuisine

Its unique food is the biggest gem in the large and mysterious treasures of the Kumaon hills. Here are some of the most popular dishes of the region which are very simple, easy to cook and at the same time very nutritious and healthy. Some of the famous dishes of Kumaon are Bhat ki Churkani, Kumaoni Raita, Arbi Masala, bhang ki Chutney, Aloo ke Gutka, madwe ki Roti, etc.

You will not only enjoy staying at our resort, but we also bet, you will love the food even more!

Using fresh local ingredients our talented chef excels in providing traditional mouth-watering kumaoni dishes. Our open-air restaurant provides the perfect atmosphere to enjoy great Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner.

Our guests come with expectations and are so alive with memories that they cherish them for a lifetime.

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Just want to escape for a holiday from the hassle bustle of life?- Cottages@Village Resort

Look no further than the Cottages@Village Resort in Naukuchiatal, Nainital. Cozy cottages, fresh air, lake view with full of greenery – if this is the dream you dream of, we want you to really experience it by staying on this stay!

If you are looking for a fantastic holiday in a blissfully natural setting then the Cottages@Village Resort will be an adventure you will not soon forget. Comfortable and luxurious accommodation marvelous meals at the open-air Restaurant we will ensure that you experience the ultimate in hospitality at the Cottages@Village Resort Naukuchiatal.

For more information about Cottage @ Village Resort feel free to contact us via telephone numbers and email address provided on the Cottage @ Village Resort website. We would be happy to hear your valuable feedback.


Experience accommodations furnished with everything needed to make your escape to paradise a success. Relax in Best Offbeat Nature Resort  Cottages@Village Resort in Naukuchiatal topped with lake view. From Corporate Retreats and Meetings to Family Reunions and Wedding Ceremonies, Offbeat Nature Resort Cottages@Village Resort caters to all your needs.

Our restaurant offers a blend of tasty cuisine tempered with Kumaoni flavors. The option of dining out on the outside, overlooking the magnificent hill view provides a perfect setting to indulge your senses. Make your Reservation Now. For Booking information and further details, you can call or simply visit our contact us page for further enquiry.