Cottage@Village Resort is your new destination for #Workation

Cottage@Village Resort is your new destination for #Workation
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A pandemic world forced millions of people to move to a new way of working called ‘work from home’. At first, it was an enjoyable change from the normal office lifestyle. However, as time progressed, such a lifestyle became dull and tedious, hampering the productivity of work. People are forced to live an increasingly disorganized and restless lifestyle because of the global pandemic; a culture that once looked terrific was soon becoming overwhelmingly monotonous. Hence, there was a need to bring in the concept of Workation offering an option to work in another immersive, relaxed environment in order to increase efficiency and productivity.

In line with the latest trend of Workation, Cottage@Village Resort offers specially curated ‘Work from Cottage@Village’ packages. Cottage@Village Resort packages are designed to offer short or long stays in a calm environment situated in the lap of nature. We provide excellent internet connectivity and high-standard hygiene, which contributes to a great experience.

These packages focus on enabling visitors to feel away from the pace of their daily lives and enjoy refreshing scenery for a getaway with their families. Keeping the family away from home will be a great break and a perfect balance of work and vacation.

To book a stay or to inquire about further details, you can contact us on +91-9811966077, +91-8755506767, or visit our website


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